Prescriptions and Refills

Prescriptions and Refills


In general, we do not prescribe new medication or make medication changes over the telephone. If you feel that a new prescription is needed for your child, we request that you call our office to make an appointment for your child to be evaluated and treated by one of our providers.


We are happy to submit a prescription refill to your pharmacy if they are needed for ongoing treatment at a time when a follow-up office visit is not necessary. For ongoing refills we encourage you to call your pharmacy first to request the refills. They will contact our office by fax or telephone if you are out of refills. We require 24-48 hours notification prior to a refill because the prescribing providers are not always available on the day of the request. We do our best to respond to each request in a timely manner.


Most of the medications prescribed to treat ADD, ADHD, and some other conditions are classified as controlled substances. These prescriptions must be presented to the pharmacy in the original form. These prescriptions cannot be called in to a pharmacy. It is state law that each month you must call for a new prescription to be written. You will be required to come into our office to sign for the prescription. We request you call 5-7 days in advance in order to allow your regular physician to monitor your child’s care. Your child must be evaluated on a regular basis.