Insurance Information

Insurance Information

Insurance Information

Our office staff will verify insurance coverage and benefits before each visit to the best of our ability. You will be asked to pay you co-pay at the time of check-in. Please make sure to notify our front desk at check-in if you have new insurance. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our clinics. Our clinic staff will be happy to assist you.

In order to prevent the possibility of identity theft, you may be asked to provide ID or drivers license when providing new insurance information.

We Participate All the National & Local Insurances.


Please let us know if your insurance is not listed.

Participating or In-Network Patients

Patients are encouraged to seek care from a “Participating” or “In-Network” physician or provider in order to receive the highest level of reimbursement under their health plan. As a participating network provider, the provider has contracted with the managed care health plan or “Network” to provide services at a negotiated fee which is typically less than the providers billed charge. The negotiated fee or “Contract/Network Discount” is provided to the provider and patient, in a statement referred to as the “Explanation of Benefits”, upon processing of the insurance claim. In addition to any discount, the explanation of benefits will include payment made by the insurance company, any patient amount owed for the services such as co-pays, coinsurance, deductibles and non-covered services. It is important that patients review these statements carefully to insure claims are paid according to the patients benefits and plan coverage. The amount noted in the patient responsibility does not include payments already made to the provider for the services. Any questions regarding your insurance payment should be directed to your insurance company.

Newborn or Dependent Changes

We understand when a change in dependent status occurs it is likely to be a very busy time in our families lives. However, it can be very costly to overlook the requirements of your health plan with relation to dependent coverage.

Upon the birth of a newborn dependent, adoption or other changes to a dependent status, you must contact the employer and/or health plan to add new dependents within the time limits defined by the health plan. Most insurance companies require notification of the change within < 30 days from the date of birth, adoption, or event date. Failure to add the new dependent may result in a lapse of insurance coverage for the new dependent, meaning all services provided during the lapse time are the responsibility of the patient. Contact the employer or health plan with further questions regarding this process.

Insurance Referrals & Authorisations

Some health plans require insurance referrals or pre-authorizations in order to receive treatment from a specialist or for special services or medications. It is the responsibility of the patient, parent or guardian, to know their benefits and request the required referral or pre-authorization prior to receiving the services for which the referral or authorization is needed.

Referrals and Authorization renewal may be requested by contacting our Clinic at (425) 298-6679.